We Offer Residential Claims Adjusting Referrals In Atlanta & Surrounding Areas

As a claims adjuster in Atlanta, Georgia, we specialize in homeowner losses and their insurance claims, including landlord “rental property”. We handle structure damages and restoration, personal property loss, displacement and additional living expenses or loss of rent, including single or multifamily housing, condo, mobile home, or any property. If you are a tenant or a landlord, we can also help you out with “renter’s policy” covered losses for the leasor, lessor or lessee, including fire legal liability.

Choose Professional Adjusting & Consulting Service and you will be having the biggest advantage there is. We are true experts in the field and rest assured that we have the knowledge, expertise, and all other necessary resources to get you the very best outcome possible. To assure you, a homeowner, tenant, or landlord further, we also have a high success rate and many satisfied clients to attest to our work. Call us today at 470-222-0912 and we’ll talk about the ways to lend you a hand. Wherever you are in Atlanta, Georgia, or in Southern US, we got your back!