5 Types of Insurance You Should Have

We never know what’s around the corner. From sudden and swooping natural disasters, to man-made accidents or intentional dastardly acts, the universe can throw some pretty unsettling surprises at you. Don’t let a difficult insurance claims process be one of your problems. We, at Professional Adjusting & Consulting Service LLC, provide top-of-the-line claims adjustment and consultation services through our expert and certified public adjusters in Atlanta GA to give you peace of mind when it comes to your safety net in life. We value you and your property’s securities just as much as you do, and we show it through our dedicated practice in the claims field. Give us a call now at (470)-222-0912 and enjoy our free consultation and free inspections.

Insurance is long term-security for you and your family. You may have asked yourself at some point in in your life “There are so many kinds! What should I choose?” If you’re rich enough, get them all. If you’re on a budget like most people are, here are five essential insurance policies that you need to make sure you have.

  1. Life Insurance. This is a no-brainer, and can reap massive benefits if you start it at a young age. Given the right life insurance plans, you can set up a very comfortable life for your kids and dependents. It’s sad, but it’s a truth that we all will pass away someday. Most experts say that the coverage of your life insurance (what your loved ones will get once you kick the bucket) must be at least 10 times your annual salary—this factors in loans, credit cards, taxes, child care, future college costs, mortgage payments; essentially everything to keep your family afloat if ever a valuable breadwinner is lost due to some accident or natural disease.
  2. Health Insurance. If you get down with sickness: contract a virus, get some major complications, or maybe if you get into an accident and need some immediate medical attention, health insurance eases your hospital bill. By 2018, health insurance will no longer be government-mandated, but it isn’t something you’ll want to look over. Health insurance is one of the most valuable types of insurance you’ll have because since our basic social functions (working, hobbies, travelling) are mostly dependent on the quality of our health, you won’t have to worry about getting sick and getting poor-quality or no healthcare at all. A Harvard research has stated that “62 percent of all personal bankruptcies in the US in 2007 were caused by health problems, and 78 percent of those filers had medical insurance [only] at the start of their illness.”
  3. House Insurance. Your home is a valuable asset. It’s where you start the day right, or recover and unwind after a long one. Having your house repaired costs big bucks, but fortunately enough house insurance can help you. Most homeowners have their house insurance premium tied in with their mortgage payments, but you’ll want to make extra sure. House insurance covers the costs of having your property repaired after it is damaged by fires, storms, floods, collisions, etc. It puts a roof over the roof over your head. This insurance policy is what Georgia’s public adjusters commonly handle, working side-by-side with construction experts and property managers.
  4. Car Insurance. Good car insurance policies are comprehensive, and cover accidents, damage to other peoples’ properties, theft, or other premeditated acts. You are legally bound to have at least a third party insurance policy, which covers damage done to other people, but its better safe than sorry. Cars are like travelling homes and you’ll want to make sure that yours gets the best security it has.
  5. Disability insurance. This is a bit to make you extra safe and make sure you’re financially stable even if something goes wrong and you’re still around. Life insurance covers when you’ve already passed to the other aside, but disability insurance covers when you’re unable to work and/or perform basic functions and are still around. It reimburses you your income and other possible expenses and needs which makes for a nice nest egg if you get hurt.

It’s good to be safe. Don’t let your safety nets give out when insurance companies hesitate to give you the full coverage you’ve paid for. If ever you need help with the claims process and are looking for a public adjuster in Atlanta GA, contact our team at Professional Adjusting & Consulting Service LLC, by calling (470) 222-0912 or visit our website at publicadjusteratlantageorgiausa.com for more information. We guarantee your recovery, or you don’t have to pay!