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Insurance companies are out to protect themselves, first and foremost. Therefore, they have a tendency to minimize the amount they pay for many claims and losses. The sums they tend to pay are enough for a minor fix, like a small patching job. This usually is not enough to bring a home or a business back to where it was before disaster struck. As a homeowner or a business owner, it is important to have a reliable public's adjusting affiliates and referrals in Atlanta, GA on your side when negotiating for insurance returns. Call PACS Professional Adjusting and Consulting Service to protect your right to have the fair claim that you deserve.
We help our clients recover the fullest and most complete financial benefits owed them. As insurance policies are legally enforceable restoration agreements, we do our best to get what insurance companies promise their clients. Getting a full amount enough to restore your property and getting just enough to patch some holes are two different results. Win the financial protection that you paid for and relied on!
Our adjusting affiliates and referrals pay for themselves. If we don’t get the amount needed to get your property restored, we don’t charge a cent. We also discuss your situation and provide our professional opinion for free. With free consultation and inspection services of some of the best public's adjusting affiliates in Georgia, you can save more money.
We process property claims in Atlanta and all 50 states. We specialize in fire damage restoration, water damage restoration, and more for homeowners and rental properties. If you have a business that needs fixing, we can also help with that. We also offer adjusting referrals for personal liability. For more information, feel free to connect with us by filling out our contact form, or call us at 470-222-0912.

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    WE WILL DISCUSS YOUR LOSS OR CLAIM FOR FREE. Claim service in Atlanta and Georgia. We personally inspect your loss and damage for FREE. If retained, we include all evidence to  (...)


    We specialize in Homeowner losses and their insurance claims, including Landlord “rental property”. We handle structure damages and restoration, personal property loss, displacement and (...)


    We handle building damage, inventory an​d merchandise, loss of business income and extra expense, including landlord domain, tenant contract leasing, condominium unit or suite (...)


    Your fault? If a person has been injured or their property damaged, and they might make a claim against you, then we can help protect you, your property, and your interests.

    Atlanta Public's Adjusting and Insurance Appraiser Affiliates & Referrals in Atlanta, and all 50 states.


    We process ANY and ALL types of Property claims most anywhere for ANY property claim in Atlanta regional and all 50 states, while our majority practice is claims Adjusting for Fire Water restoration, Fire damage, Water damage, with Fire restoration companies, Fire damage restoration, emergency restoration, as Atlanta public's adjusting affiliates in Atlanta, and Atlanta private adjusting referrals in Atlanta including Wind, Hail, Theft, Vandalism, Collapse, Water, Mold, Premises Injury, Structure, Personal Property, etc.

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